Frequently Asked Questions

Dog with two young adults
What are park hours?

Legacy Grove is open from dawn to dusk.

Can I bring my dog?

Leashed dogs are welcome at Legacy Grove. Dogs may be unleashed once inside the dog park area at Legacy Grove. Dogs must remain on leash at the Traveling Trail. There are dog waste stations at both parks. Please clean up after your dog.

Does my dog have to be up-to-date on vaccines to go to the dog park?

All dogs must have current vaccinations and appropriate licensing. Dogs in heat, sick dogs, or dogs with a parasite infection are not allowed in the dog park. Dogs under four months of age are not allowed in the dog park. Owners are responsible for their dogs.

Why doesn’t Legacy Grove have traditional park benches?

The seating at Legacy Grove is moveable to provide flexibility to park-goers. Tree stump benches are located around the walking loop. Parks are a place for social connection. Some visitors may put chairs together for a group setting, while others may prefer moving a seat to a shady spot under a grove of trees where they can read.

Why is Legacy Grove’s playground so unique?

The Adventure Play Area at Legacy Grove encourages the healthy development of children physically, socially, and intellectually. Research shows play is essential to growing a child who will be successful in life.

Areas such as Exploration Creek and the building maze play encourage kids to use their imagination. “Loose parts play” is a term coined by architect Simon Nicholson in the 1970s. Nicholson believed “loose parts” in the environment encourage creativity. For instance, sticks, rocks, and colorful fabrics can become forts or musical instruments. There are endless possibilities and play becomes open-ended. Children can create stories with what they have in front of them. These tactile experiences strengthen creativity, problem-solving, engineering, and teamwork skills in children.

What is free play?

Free play, similar to loose parts play, is open-ended, unstructured, and child-led. Unstructured, children explore and experience the world around them. They develop their curiosity, sense of discovery and enthusiasm. The loose parts area, as well as Exploration Creek, the Dulcimer Climber and the fort encourage children to be creative, makeup games, and interact with each other.

Can I have a picnic at Legacy Grove?

Yes. We encourage you to find a great spot for your family and friends and enjoy.

How can I help support Legacy Grove?

You can support Legacy Grove by donating to Legacy Greenscapes. We rely on donations to operate the park. Your contributions are an investment in the health and well-being of our community. In supporting Legacy Greenscapes, you’re ensuring our community will continue to have fun, clean, safe, and beautiful access to Legacy Grove Park every day of the year.

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